Mount Komati

Hiking Trails

So we have changed our Day 1 trail extensively to make it much shorter, a whole lot easier and even more enjoyable for an even bigger spectrum of hikers. In stead of the previous 14 odd km, it now measures a comfortable12.7 km. The long Zebra ZigZag towards the end of the trail has been cut out and instead the trail now follows a very different and gentler route back to the base camp. It winds through sugar bush hangs, passes very well preserved ancient ruins, through indigenous bush, and then follows a fresh mountain stream all the way until it meats the Komati river by the Natural Jacuzzi, only 500 meters downstream from the camp.
We have also built third, easy trail which we have aptly named the Trogon Trail. It is a most enjoyable 3.5km long.
Albeit still an unofficial trail, it was recently described by one of the legendary hikers as "a little gem that must definitely be part of your hiking portfolio"..
It starts right in front of the camp where one crosses the Komati river to start with Likkewaanlaan, which was actually built for fly fisherman to have flat and easy access to the river for more than a kilometer. On the trail you will first visit the Madiba Stone and then the Raaswater rapids en route to Amos se Gat. This is a large natural pool in the Komati where one can swim and play with inner tubes, have a  picnic or lekker fun in the sun. It's a mere 5 minutes hike from the camp. A further 200m upstream one gets to Pupkewitz's Pools where one can tan on the beautiful rocks next to the Komati or even fly fish for the indigenous small scale yellow fish which is, pound for pound, the most exciting fresh water fish in SA to catch! Only a couple of hundred meters further, one gets to Bush Pig Bush and then the trail leaves Likkewaanlaan to join Loerie Loop which follows a crystal clear mountain stream up a very gentle slope along the ravine. Search for the Narina trogon or Knysna loeries (new name Knysna turaco) that, among other birds, frequent these indigenous mountain forest! 
A short hike through escarpment grassland where eland and kudu can be seen, then brings one back to Amos se Gat and then the camp.
This past weekend 17 hikers - of whom one only has 2% vision! - did both the new Day 1 and Day 3 trails and their pics should be on our 
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Mount Komati: Voetslaan, Hiking & Lodge

***Cottages rearranged:
For those of you whom haven't been here by us for a while, you will be glad to hear that we have rearranged our beds in all of the cottages to make them more spacious and comfortable.
Idube & Wildebeest cottages now only has 3 bunk beds each, sleeping 6 guests on thick, proper HD Ericssons standard single size mattresses with fitted sheets. The guests make use of the cute Stinkwood ablution block.
Mojaji cottage sleeps 4 guests on 2 similar bunk beds en-suite.
All the above 16 available beds @ R200.00 pppn.
Tarentaal is our more sophisticated chalet sleeping 4 guests total; 2 in a room with a double bed, linen & towels @ R300.00pppn and an open plan room with 2 extra long single beds with linen & towels @ R260.00 pppn. 
It has a separate bathroom, kitchen, dining room and outside wooden deck overlooking the garden, Komati & MP Drakensberg escarpment. 
Conservation efforts:
We have brought in an outside team to clear our property of the last 4 wattle bushes that was left that we ourselves just could not get the time for to finish off, and, although it cost us quite a bit, we are proud to say that our fight against these vicious intruders has been won and we have secured the natural, beautiful sandstone outcrops and grassland for the foreseeable future! We just need to carry on managing the ones that will germinate from seeds already present, but there are no more mature wattles left to spread more seeds.
Great, we hope that you have enjoyed reading of the recent happenings here at Mt Komati and that y'all have been inspired to come and experience this for yourselves.